South Street Seaport Manhattan Engagement Session with Abbie and Bryan

This was very nearly the Manhattan engagement session that almost wasn’t! Abbie and Bryan are super busy people. No surprise because only very important people hire us! Unfortunately it sometimes makes scheduling difficult. Abbie started a new job that required travel, there was bad weather, we got booked with portraits as the fall arrived. Let’s not forget the weddings that were already scheduled every weekend! We must have rescheduled this session about five times! But then the deadline for Abbie and Bryan to print their save the dates was looming and we made it happen.

There was some rain in the forecast for the day we met this fabulous couple at the Seaport in Manhattan, but we decided to just go with it! We had no choice! It was now or never. It only sprinkled a little, and we think it was to our advantage. Sometimes, they wet everything down on a movie set before filming because the water brings out the colors and adds a little reflection. We think we got the same effect from the rain! Look at those wet cobblestones! And the blue of Abbie’s dress just popped!

We’re so glad we were able to at last make this engagement session in Manhattan happen with Abbie and Bryan. As Abbie’s cookie from Funny Face Bakery says in the last image … fucking finally!

Couple walks umbrella with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background at their Manhattan engagement session at the South Street Seaport
Couple dances under the twinkle lights at their Manhattan engagement session at the South Street Seaport


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