Mount Hope Farm Wedding In Bristol with Amina and Evan

We work with a lot of couples who live out of state and come to Rhode Island to get married because why wouldn’t you travel to get married in beautiful Rhode Island?! Amina and Evan are one of those couples. They live in Washington, DC, and came to Little Rhody to have a beautiful Mount Hope Farm wedding! We were so lucky to meet these two before their big day! That doesn’t always happen but at the engagement session we were able to get to know this sweet couple in a low pressure, private setting.

Evan and Amina are so in love, and you can feel the emotion between them and their families. They gave us a lot of sweet moments to catch on camera, both during their engagement session and on their wedding day. Those pictures are some of our faves to this day!

One of the most touching parts of this wedding was Amina’s 1950s dress. She was the third generation of women in her family to wear it. Both her grandmother and mother, who wore the dress before her, were in attendance at the wedding, and we can’t imagine what they felt seeing her walk down the aisle in it. Amina’s mother and two sisters helped her get into the dress before the wedding and there was a lot of hugging and smiles.

After the cocktail hour, Amina changed into another dress because let’s face it… It’s not easy to dance in a hoop skirt! Maybe for a fourth generation?? The lace bodice and open back of her second dress was perfect for the garden vibe of her reception.

Amina, Evan and their whole families are such warm and kind people, and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them. We can’t imagine anything but a beautiful future for them, full of meaningful glances, sweet smiles and lots of love.

Catering: Russell Morin

Flowers: Moonrose Farm

Music: The Party Factor

Makeup and Hair: Allison Barbera

Groomsmen tying their ties before the wedding ceremony at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol
A touching first look with a bride and groom by a stone wall at their wedding.
Bride wearing her grandmother's vintage wedding dress from the 1950's


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