Belle Mer Wedding in Newport with Cara and Bennie

Cara and Bennie, you have our whole hearts! And obviously, we were not the only ones with our eye on this fabulous couple at their Belle Mer wedding. It was almost like Mother Nature saw them, thought to herself, “These. Two!” and graced them with the most perfect lighting a Newport wedding has ever seen.

And speaking of perfect, we’re wondering how Bennie’s plans for his class on how to be a groom are coming along. He nailed every direction we gave him, effortlessly pulled off the sockless-in-a-tux beachy vibe and, backed by his talented musical family, serenaded his bride at the reception. What?!?

But it does take two, and Cara brought plenty of perfection of her own to Belle Mer. They brought equal energy to their beautiful vows, spoken during the most magical of magic hours in Newport, then expertly got the party started with their “Dirty Dancing” worthy entry to their wedding reception.

And not to self-promote, but we were happy to hear that Cara and her mom, Kim, are big fans of our podcast. They even got Cara’s dad, Craig, to give it a listen. His review? “I have to say — you girls are batshit crazy.” Best thing a father of the bride has ever said to us. Excuse us while we update our website!

Cara and Bennie, we love you as much as our cameras do. May your life together be as dreamy as your wedding day.

Venue: Belle Mer

Catering: Belle Mer

Florist: Grace Kim

Videographer: JB Horn Film

Band: Flipside

Makeup and Hair: Ali Lomazzo Beauty


Bride and groom stand on the wall at Belle Mer in Newport at sunset


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